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Discovery Park’s 50th birthday will include activities throughout 2022 that focus on two things vital to the park’s future. One of these is fostering community stewardship. Through a series of free events, people from all over Seattle can learn about the rich natural and cultural features of Discovery Park and participate in educational partnerships and work-parties that help to maintain trails, restore damaged areas, and create landscapes that contribute to local ecosystem function.

Our other focus is on environmental education, particularly for children, who are the future stewards of not just Discovery Park, but of our planet Earth. Our goal is to spark curiosity and wonder in children from across the city, many from historically underserved communities, and many of whom have had little chance to experience time spent in nature. Through day-camps and curated activities, children can explore their relationship with nature, learn how others have cared for the land, and realize their potential.

Please consider supporting this special celebration via our fiscal sponsor, the Seattle Parks Foundation.

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Your support goes toward a public ceremony and celebration of Discovery Park with history, education, and community partnerships. 

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