Planned Legacy Projects

The Discovery Park 50th Anniversary Planning Committee introduces three legacy projects for the 50th celebration. These will be funded by your individual, nonprofit and for-profit corporate sponsorship as well as grants.

Full-Length Documentary

The Discovery Park 50th Anniversary Planning Committee is working in conjunction with Gayle Podrabsky and John Forsen of Fidget Films, award-winning filmmakers, who will be producing a full-length documentary on the past, present and future of Discovery Park. The multifaceted, fascinating story of Seattle’s largest and most unique park will be told with historical narration, first-person narrators and beautiful film of this vast and varied parkland. The introductory piece of film will be ready to be premiered on the day of the formal celebration, October 1, 2022. Video chapters of about ten-minute sections will then be produced, with in-depth storytelling of certain important topics relating to the park: indigenous history, the historic West Point Lighthouse, Fort Lawton, the creation of the park and its Master Plan, the present-day park features and future stewardship. The film will focus on the evolution of Discovery Park and the continuing mission to preserve this urban oasis in the city of Seattle as a natural habitat for native flora and fauna for future generations, always as “an open space of quiet and tranquility.” There will be a public premiere at the park on the actual Dedication Day – October 28, 2023.


Discovery Ranger Pilot Program

The Discovery Park 50th Anniversary Planning Committee in conjunction with Seattle Parks is developing an educational pilot program based on the National Junior Ranger Program. With fun art and an interactive, immersive activity booklet, children will be introduced to human and natural history, environmental learning concepts, and stewardship activities and principles pertinent to Discovery Park and all our public parks. When particular tasks are completed, park staff rewards candidate rangers with a badge of completion, an oath and Discovery Ranger status. The program will include features specifically for children who are under served and/or are special needs as well as provide some field trips for them. The program is slated to be implemented in the Spring of 2023. This is the idea of volunteer and Planning Committee member Monica Wooton and will be a collaborative project with a team of volunteer artists, writers and educational experts.