Through community partnerships in planning, publicity, and projects; and, with grants and fundraising for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Discovery Park – the Discovery Park 50th Anniversary Planning Committee will:

• Increase awareness of the history of indigenous heritage, Discovery Park and the ideal of public parkland.
• Enhance education and environmental awareness of this unique park and the public parks system.
• Foster community stewardship to maintain and preserve this unique park and our public parks system.

The Discovery Park 50th Anniversary Planning Committee will honor these guiding principles:
•Events/activities will align with and promote the principals of the Master Plan.
•Promote preservation of this land and its resources.
•Cultivate inclusivity, understanding and appreciation to help form (or strengthen) a lifetime attachment to this park, toward stewarding and to the value of open public spaces for all.
•Include and involve a variety of community partners/sponsors to uphold Discovery Park’s purpose and legacy.
•Foster a forward looking legacy (e.g., the next 50 years), preserve the stories of the Park’s past that inspire connection to its present and devotion to its future through history, education, and stewardship.

We celebrate and honor:
That Native Peoples have cared for this land since time immemorial. In a very rich tradition and history dating to at least, 4,000 years ago, Ancestral Duwamish lived, hunted and gathered on the shores of Discovery Park’s West Point Beach. We pay tribute to their traditions, their accomplishments and the stewardship of this sacred land.

We celebrate and honor:
Park visionaries, the ongoing vision and continuing stewardship to uphold the Discovery Park Master Plan to keep it a place of “…open space of peace and tranquility…” – that assures survival of the Park’s abundant treasures and boundless beauty, in and from every single acre of native plants and varied natural habitat – be it beach, meadow, bluff, forest, or trails.

We celebrate and honor:
The idea of free, safe and beautiful public parks; and, a re-commitment to history keeping, education, stewardship and at Discovery Park to protect it for the next generation to appreciate, to enjoy and to help preserve this land for generations beyond theirs.